How much can the Mavs spend in free agency? Here’s who is on the books for next season

NBA free agency is here!Well, technically players can’t officially sign until July 1 (that’s this coming Sunday). But the rumor mill is turning… quickly.And while the Mavericks have garnered praise for their NBA Draft day trade up for forward Luka Doncic, Rick Carlisle’s bunch face long odds of returning to the playoffs next season. What’s worse, the free-agency period has not been kind to the franchise over the years.So, let’s unpack a few things.Fans, the front office and Mark Cuban all have dreams of snagging a top-of-the-market big man such as DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Jordan, and maybe, just maybe, Clint Capela.But first, here are the players currently signed to the Mavericks for at least next season and how much will they count against the cap, according to Barnes, forward: cap hit of $24,107,258Wesley Matthews, guard, cap hit of $18,622,513Dwight Powell, center, cap hit of $9,631,250Dirk Nowitzki, forward, cap hit of $5,000,000* (Bird Rights)Dennis Smith Jr., guard, cap hit of $3,819,960J.J. Barea, guard, cap hit of $3,710,850